Hi, I'm—

Also known as Amor.

I'm a designer, traveler, & dreamer, exploring my world through what my hands can make.

My specialty is graphic design, specifically typography, branding, logo & mark making. I've worked with beauty brands, coffee shops, consulting agencies, subscription box services, & a bridal wear label, to name a few of my clients. I have experience with editorial layouts, package design, some photography, illustration & more.

Professionalism & respect are an integral part of my practice. My clients are not just clients, they are collaborators—together we have a dialogue that becomes a designed thing that is put out into the world. As a designer, it is my responsibility, to myself, my clients, & anyone who may see my work, to make my output positive, engaging, & balanced. It is my job to curate the vast swaths of information in the world into things people can use, & learn from. This is my goal as a designer— to keep growing, keep progressing, & help those I can with my skills, to make my community, & my world a more positive & pleasant place, one project at a time.

Aside from learning, meeting new people & gaining new perspectives, I want to make beautiful, & useful things.

Thanks for visiting. 

Selected Clients:

Avon                            Shleee Polish            Kramer Design Group
Pipeline Angels           Enchanted Polish      MING Utility & Entertainment
Johnson & Johnson     FCR Creative            Rockefeller Center
Jones Lang LaSalle     Matters of Gray         Pitch Makeover
Meridien Capital          Victoria's Secret       Perfect Digital Connect