A Plethora of new work! by Ashley Ortiz

Since January I have been quite busy with client work, thank the Lord!
I've been doing branding & logo design for all kinds of really cool entrepreneurial endeavors!

A couple include branding a DC Nail Artist (Nailist), Vamp Claws; refreshing an indie polish brand's logo Shleee Polish, & branding an effort focused on decreasing conflict & incidents of police brutality through education, Matters of Gray.

As always more to come!

New Beginnings by Ashley Ortiz

The past few weeks has been a discovery of sorts—moving to NYC, picking up calligraphy, reading spiritual books & seeking signs. I've expanded my practice into package design, & lots of other creative avenues.

While in New York one summer, I met a man on the street with a dog that he so kindly let me pet. We got to talking & that meeting resulted in a creative collaboration, below.

More to come!

Best Birthday Ever by Ashley Ortiz

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday the 29th, and it was the best birthday thus far.

My best friend from my early college days came to see me from Jersey. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Spending a prolonged period of time with her gave me a whole different view & experience of Life. I felt full of vivacity, challenged, & pushed out of my comfort zone. It's been a long time since being positively challenged. Cuppy, you're such a great friend.

Tasha hooked me up with this cake from a Japanese bakery! This is just a piece!

Tasha hooked me up with this cake from a Japanese bakery! This is just a piece!

Friends came, partook in a pasta dinner I made special, there were jams, laughs, drinks, it was great, being surrounded my people with whom I have mutual love & affection.

Many friends wrote on social media, through phone texts & calls, so I made this for them.

Many friends wrote on social media, through phone texts & calls, so I made this for them.

I'm so incredibly blessed. God's been showing himself to me in so many ways recently.

I got back into yoga recently; my favorite instructor is Ali Kamenova on YouTube. Her voice is very measured & soothing, and I quite like her routines. She only says the things she needs to say. I got the following quote from the cool down at the end of one of her sessions, that I found humbling & true.


I am blessed every moment.

Pool Water & Pencil Sketches by Ashley Ortiz

This Friday is lovely, sunny, breezy, with blue blue skies.  Today I went to the pool-I'm always entranced by the patterns sunlight makes in the water on the bottom. It's mesmerizing.

After, I came home & drew for the first time in many, many months. It felt good to have the pencil in my hand, & feel the graphite sliding away from the lead onto the tooth of the paper. I can never forget or replace the feel of the hand drawing. Pencil really captures the subtleties that are in our human essence. 



'Til next time. 


Things I saw & made today by Ashley Ortiz

Today while out & about doing errands I saw cool stuff. I went to Barnes & Noble to look for the book called #GirlBoss, by NastyGal CEO Sophia Ambrosio—I wanted to flip through it & check it out —(it's also got a sexy cover) but alas, the book was not to be found. Instead, I found others with designs I liked. Sometime soon I'll get designing book covers under my belt. But for now, I was satisfied with researching.




After, I was pleasantly surprised by a Harley with spray painted flowers on it:




And then play ensued with gold paint:

More more more to come. Play is great.

Neighborhood Textures by Ashley Ortiz

Neighborhood Textures

This past weekend I took the time to really look at the local nature, the plants & living things all around me. I saw insects interacting with flowers, the textures and colors of leaves, flower petals folding elegantly around each other—amazing & beautiful things I had to take the time to stop & observe. These days I've been craving to refine my compositional eye, so I've been documenting these local beauties with my phone. So far it has been a great exercise & has increased the sense of peace & awe in me about this world I live in.

I stumbled into fun. by Ashley Ortiz

I stumbled into fun.

This small project came about while brainstorming ideas for a birthday invite to send to my friends. It started out with the usual thought of lettering, something I have my particular focus on as of late, but I found myself craving a bit more dynamism.  'Why not numbers on the face? On the eyelids, perhaps the cheek?' I soon settled on the entire face as being the only way to go. I grabbed what was nearest & creamiest—a Chanel lipstick—& made my first foray into face painting. The curves and valleys of the face are tricky, definitely something to work on next time. I had more fun doing this than I've had in a long time doing projects. I got the idea today that humor is great, & I want to incorporate it more into what I make. Here's the first to that. :)