I stumbled into fun. / by Ashley Ortiz

I stumbled into fun.

This small project came about while brainstorming ideas for a birthday invite to send to my friends. It started out with the usual thought of lettering, something I have my particular focus on as of late, but I found myself craving a bit more dynamism.  'Why not numbers on the face? On the eyelids, perhaps the cheek?' I soon settled on the entire face as being the only way to go. I grabbed what was nearest & creamiest—a Chanel lipstick—& made my first foray into face painting. The curves and valleys of the face are tricky, definitely something to work on next time. I had more fun doing this than I've had in a long time doing projects. I got the idea today that humor is great, & I want to incorporate it more into what I make. Here's the first to that. :)